TOTAL TIME: 60minutes
LOCATION: Olongapo city of Philippines
LANGUAGE: Tagalog, English, ASL(American Sign Language)
DIRECTOR: Sachiko MIYASE (marikitpark)
MUSIC: TAMAKI (marikitpark)
PRODUCTION: marikitpark

Olongapo city is located in the North West side from Metro-Manila in Philippines. In 1991, the Mount Pinatubo erupted, and the Subic Bay, which had called the biggest American air base, withdrew there next year of it, and the town got a heavy blow with remaining the problems of discrimination for indigenous habitats, prostitution, drugs and others. "Ninos Pag-asa Center" is the institution for people with disabilities, which is nestled in the outskirts of such a town. Here, people and children with disabilities, such as hearing and vision impairment, are living together with mixed up. Besides, children who are facing with serious illness and unfortunately they can't get operation because of the poverty, live together in there. What we can get a glimpse of their life, which supporting handicap of each other, is the lovely everyday life within the chaos. Daisy, 30years old and hearing impaired, has lived in this center with orphan with disabilities as the family since she was founded and given the protection when she was living on the street because of the abandoned of her mother. Then the time had passed and now she also became a mother and living with facing her own daughter Denise. In their calm everyday life, the new handicap is lie down and raising a child is never easy. Even so, the mother cares her child tenderly and the child relies on her mother. Then the children and people who lost their own family somehow reached here and support each other as a family. They, who have nowhere to go and have disabilities, live together as complement each other's handicap. So, the overall picture of this center tells us the most basic and important thing as a human that "the human can live only having involvement with others". Today again, Denise is calling her mother with voice, which is never reached to her mother.

Director's Intension "Ninos pag-asa center" is the institution for children with disabilities, which is nestled in the outskirts of the Olongapo city in the Philippines. When I was 20years old, I came here to do the volunteer work and I felt sorrow to the orphans with disabilities, who were abandoned by their parents because of the poverty. However, after the one week I had lived under the same roof with them, I was overwhelmed by their cheerfulness, and when the 2 weeks had passed, my feeling that the disability is pitiful was crumbled like cookies. And then, the 3 weeks after the encounter with them, I realized that what I received from them is much more than what I could give them, more over, I became to consider deeply what is that I had received from them. At the same time, I, as the 20 years old youth, was wondering what this uncomfortable feeling that runs around in my head everyday in the daily life of Japan is. What is the meaning of "living this modern age"? They, stop-at-home and people who have problem with communication are living in the virtual world on the internet. On top of that, murders, which are caused by those people who had forgotten to relate with real human, are occurred frequently, though we can?t find the reality on these news. Furthermore, it is difficult to find the comfort in the community around us and there are only days to feel unfocused anger for the ambiguous society and systems.?Fun and positive things do nothing but make someone feel better. I, who was damped into the dustbin, have nothing to do but only getting mad little by little. I have imagined that there are many youth who has concerns like these, and I am also one of the members of them. It is quite harsh to live with disabilities in the community of poverty that I, who live in the developed country, can't even compare with myself. However, the cheerful and powerful looks on their faces, that we can?t imagine that they have the problems of prejudice and discrimination, threat to life, and separate from families on their background. Especially, the daily life of Daisy, the mother who has hearing impairment, and Denise, the daughter who has the problem of foot dysfunction, are very warm even though it's fragile. The mother never heard the voice of her own child, and even if the baby cries out for milk very loud, she cannot notice it. Even so, there are reasons that they seem happy on their face. What I can see by snuggle up to the daily life of "Ninos pag-asa center" is that "human are living our life by having involvement with others". When I noticed that, I felt that I was saved and I decided to snuggle up to their life. I truly believe that there are valuable meanings to make this production for not only my self, who live "this modern age", but also to be seen and known by many youths.

2009.4 EVENT "marikitpark vol.2"

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